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Why study with Leslie?

There are many teachers out there.

Your time is precious.

Finding the right fit is important.

The reason to study with Leslie, frankly, has little to do with anatomy.

If you want strict classical anatomy and nothing else, you probably won't be very happy in Leslie's classroom.

If you want to memorize the name of every single bone, spend time isolating muscle actions and describing them, look at the body as if it were separate pieces that fit together like a puzzle... You will not find what you're looking for here.


If you are looking for integration, read on.

If you are interested in your wholeness, you are in the right place.

If you appreciate good impressions, bad jokes, and humor used to bring levity to serious moments, Leslie is speaking your language.

If you trust science, but know it's not the end of the story, please stick around.

If you intuit that you cannot separate what's going on in your body, from what's going on in your mind, from what's going on in your breath, from what's going on in your psyche... you will find kindred spirits here.

If you learn through stories, you'll never find a teacher who can make learning about your body more interesting, applicable, and yes, funny.

If you want anatomy only, you'll get more than you bargained for with Leslie.

If you prefer instead to investigate your world through a variety of lenses... Western science, ancient yoga, Chinese Medicine, neuroscience, psychology... a reverence for breath & its transformative properties... with a smattering of philosophy, evolution & personal exploration... you have found your tribe.
If you want a polished professor, you might want to cover your ears.

If you are ready for what happens when a lifetime New Yorker falls in love with yoga, runs an ashram as a Swami, works with Olympic sprinters, has his worldview turned upside-down, raises a family, writes a book, starts a non-profit, and manages to remain curious through it all... you will understand the many miles that Leslie has walked, why he will always consider himself a life-long student.

If you want to be spoonfed all the answers, you'll be disappointed.

If you accept the challenge of a teacher who will share what he has learned, then ask you what your experience has taught you, then you'll appreciate the way Leslie teaches.

After all, this is the way he learned at the feet of his teacher, T.K.V. Desikachar.

And it's the method he uses with his students today.

If you want a guru, you'll need to keep searching.

If, instead, you're looking for a teacher who respects you fiercely as an individual, whose aim is to help you uncover yourself, layer by layer, and who knows how uncomfortable, messy, and rewarding the process can be... you've come to the right place.