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About me

Hi, I’m Leslie Kaminoff.

And this is not yoga as usual.


Along with my co-author Amy  Matthews, we released our book Yoga Anatomy in 2007, which has been an international best-seller and sold over a million copies.

My passion though, is teaching teachers. I founded The Breathing Project in NYC to be a thinktank for growth-minded yoga teachers who wanted professional-level continuing education, and a community to thrive in. We've now taken this community online, and I love that I can engage with teachers all over the world, and connect them to each other.

My Philosophy

I believe that we can discover the deepest principles of yoga by studying the deepest structures of the body. 

We will challenge, debunk, question, answer, question some more, experiment, fall on our faces, and more than anything else, laugh. 

My teaching is inspired by my mentor, the late T.K.V. Desikachar. He was fond of saying, "The yoga should be adjusted to the student, not the other way around." My recent work has focused on helping teachers learn to do this whether they're in groups, online, or teaching 500 students at a time.


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