If you’re searching for ways to make anatomy accessible and interesting for your students…
If you’re ready to challenge your assumptions and find new ways to evolve your practice…
If you’re ready to re-inspire your teaching, I have a question for you…

What If You Could Finally Embody The Effective, Inspiring, and Sought-After Yoga Teacher That You Know You Can Be...?


For over 30 years, one of the yoga world’s most in-demand and respected teacher-of-teachers has been sharing powerful, practice-changing anatomy principles with a private group of teachers in New York City…

Previously available exclusively to NYC students! You can now enroll in this intensive online course with Leslie Kaminoff, world-renowned Yoga Educator and co-author of Yoga Anatomy, the international best-seller.

As Leslie says:

"Yoga is not about doing the poses…
It's about undoing what's in the way of the poses."

And what is in the way of the poses? It could be habitual body patterns you've picked up from childhood and work life. It could be obstructed breathing. It could even be all the effort you're putting into the practice that's getting in the way of the freedom you seek...

How can you tell on your own mat?

And how can you help guide your students to find their own freedom, while minimizing their risk of injury?


If your students aren’t coming back for more classes, this may be why...


The one comprehensive study we have on yoga injuries, done by the IAYT, cites the two biggest culprits of yoga injuries as:


“excessive student effort” and “inadequate teacher training”


Both are things we all hope to be in touch with in our own classes...

Sometimes, a student’s injury comes from a physical adjustment, or a one-size-fits-all instruction that doesn’t work for that student’s body.

In other cases, students just think the teacher is infallible and that they must have done something wrong themselves, so they hobble out of class feeling bad about themselves...

Most of the time, we never know why our students don’t come back, and they never walk into another yoga class. Everyone loses.

Why is this so often the story?

Here’s why: we all go into our 200-hour teacher trainings feeling like the world will be revealed to us… we graduate realizing we’ve barely scratched the surface… and we have to move on with our lives because we can’t be in training 24/7…


The very thing that can bring your students back and allow you to rise above the "hustle" is so often the hardest thing to schedule in: continuing education


If you’re lucky enough to have a job teaching yoga, you already know that your normal day-to-day juggling gets in the way of continuing your education - even if that education can help you retain more students so you don’t have to invest as much in acquiring them.

Day after day, you’re kept busy:

  • Preparing new, interesting classes...
  • Marketing your classes...
  • Researching injuries and contraindications for your students...
  • Looking for ways to keep your Continuing Education Credits current with the Yoga Alliance...
  • Trying to make your passion for teaching yoga make financial sense with the rest of your life…

...Not to mention finding time for your personal practice.

Plus, if you're a studio owner, you're even more bogged down with scheduling, rent, bills, marketing, liability insurance, personnel... and all the other minutiae that take up your life when you run a small business.

If that weren’t enough, it’s tough to get top-notch yoga education when you don’t live in a big city.


Even if you do, you’re probably so busy that you can’t find the time in your schedule to take advantage of the opportunities that exist...

And if you have a family? Forget about it. It can feel impossible to get away for one night, let alone for a week or two to get another certification or go study with your favorite teacher...


Does it feel like you’ll never be able to devote time to your studies and still keep your life going?


There is a way to continue learning and growing, to help your students and find life balance — with someone who’s been right where you are…


When the student is ready, the teacher will appear…


Let me introduce Leslie Kaminoff.

When Leslie was a young yoga teacher struggling with these same issues, he was intrigued by something he'd heard about T.K.V Desikachar.


"It's all in the breath."


Leslie already considered himself to be "The Breath Guy" and was teaching yoga anatomy & breath to teacher trainees on a regular basis. He'd been teaching yoga for 9 years at this point, and he heard that Desikachar would be nearby teaching a workshop, so he registered...

What he learned in that workshop set him reeling for 6 months, made him question everything he thought he knew about yoga and the breath, and introduced him to many of the questions that have made him the teacher he is today.

Years later, most people only know him as "Leslie Kaminoff, co-author of the #1 best-selling yoga book Yoga Anatomy."


But What Is His Love? Teaching Teachers


...Being the mentor that Desikachar was to him.

...Inspiring students to find their own answers and provoking them to explore their own experiences when they just want to be told what to do.

Now one of the world’s most renowned and accomplished yoga educators, he has helped teachers and practitioners from yoga, dance, pilates, and somatic therapy backgrounds to:

  • improve their teaching
  • enhance their personal practices
  • retain more students
  • become more sought-after and employable in their fields
Until now, you had to move to New York City for 9 months to learn Leslie's techniques.


But no more!

At last, Leslie is making his high in-demand teachings available to yogis worldwide, as he discusses in this short video (2:14):


Discover The Deepest Principles of Yoga By Examining The Deepest Structures Of The Body

  • The evolutionary science of supporting body-weight on your arms
  • A simple body measurement you can teach your students to help them set up for a safe and successful headstand
  • How many yoga-related lower body pains really boil down to what Leslie has termed “Yoga Butt,” and how you can avoid it, or heal it
  • How to get more effective hip-opening from standing postures, and why floor work can be counterproductive
  • How to help older students re-gain their sense of balance (and how to keep younger students from losing it!)
  • Warning signs that you are pushing a joint too far
  • The truth about Ujjayi breath, and when you should stop doing it
  • Little-known factors that could affect your asana longevity
  • Why more students are getting injured in yoga class than you think, and what you can do to change it in your class
  • Leslie’s top 10 tips for individualizing student experience in group classes
  • How to identify knee problems before surgery
  • How to resurrect fallen arches
  • How breath re-patterning can transform your practice
  • How to tell when repetition will heal, and when it will injure
  • Learn the Warrior Series, and how you can modify it in any context
  • One simple trick to protect the knees in (almost) any posture

And more...

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"I Healed Myself With This Course & Now I'm Sharing With My Students"

Jacine Harrington

Yoga Teacher, Canada

"Probably the most important thing I got from this course was the fact that I helped heal myself!

I have mild scoliosis, and with that S.I. Joint instability/pain, disc bulges in my lumbar (all 5 of them), sciatica, and what I now realize was 'yoga butt.'

Although the scoliosis and disc bulges are still there, I am out of pain, I am stronger, and able to participate in so many more activities that I thought, and was told, I would never be able to do again.

THIS was the main reason why I took the course and I am excited to share this with others.

For me, as I get older I realized the importance of practicing yoga in a more therapeutic way, and I now want to take this direction in my teaching.

Thank you Leslie and your team for this great experience."



"Leslie is a "teacher's teacher"

Larry Payne Ph.D.

Founding Director of Yoga Therapy Rx, Co-Author of Yoga for DummiesYoga Rx, and The Business of Teaching Yoga, Co-Founder of the International Association of Yoga Therapists

"I have known Leslie for 40 years and personally witnessed his ascendance in the Yoga and Health community.

Like the late Nathan Pritikin, he is a self taught genius and his courses on anatomy and breathing are always the first to fill in academic settings.

Over the last 5 years he has consistently received the highest evaluations possible from the majority of the students in our Yoga Therapy Rx program at Loyola Marymount University. I highly recommend his new internet course for students and teachers alike."

We Make The Space & The Universe Fills It

The three twelve-week trimesters cover the essentials of Yoga Anatomy from the perspective of the breath, the spine, and the limbs.

The core concepts of yoga (Prana/Apana, Sthira/Sukha, and Brmhana/Langhana) serve as a lens through which the vast subject of anatomy becomes focused, fascinating and immensely practical.

Because the course focuses on grasping fundamental concepts, rather than memorizing endless details, you and your students can easily embody the material and put it to practical use immediately.

In addition, there is a high level of student interactivity through questions, demonstrations and homework assignments.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Build an Encyclopedic Knowledge of Yoga Anatomy in Three Trimesters


We offer full support, personalized homework interactions, and access to a like-minded community as you work your way through the material

This course is offered entirely online, but if you decide to print out all the documents and save hard copies of the videos, this is what your resource collection will look like:

We will send you links to download binder covers, inserts, and the foundation of your library. You'll fill it out with class notes, observations, downloadable class transcripts, and reminders of your own journey.

(You will receive all materials as digital files, not in hard copy: you can save/archive your copy of the files in whatever way works best for you.)



Trimester #1: Breathing

  • Introduction and Foundation: History, Lineage, Basic Concepts, Definitions, Course Overview
  • Prana and Apana: Explanation of the Prana Nyasa Chant, Yoga Yajnavalkya, 5 Pranas, Kundalini
  • The Most Powerful Breath You'll Ever Take: The Development and Physiology of Breathing
  • Breath as Shape Change: Cavities, Spine, Introduction to Bandhas
  • The Engine of Shape Change: SLARA - The Diaphragm Formula
  • Accessory Muscles: Steering Shape Change - Brmhana/Langhana
  • The Pelvic Diaphragm: A Guided Tour of the Pelvic Floor
  • The Vocal Diaphragm: The Anatomy of Phonetics
  • Intrinsic Equilibrium: The Structural Prana of the Body
  • Mahamudra: Anatomy of the Central Channel - Anatomy and Physiology of Meditation


Trimester #1 Preview: Your First Breath (10:33)



Trimester #2: The Spine

  • A Brief History of the Spine: Evolution and Development of the Human Spine
  • Overall Architecture of the Spine: Form and Function, Compression and Tension
  • The 5 Movements of the Spine: Ranges of Motion
  • Breath Centered Backbending: Spinal Extension Explorations
  • Stretching the West: Forward Bending, Spinal Flexion, The Back Line
  • Twist and Bend, But Don't Break: Lateral Flexion and Axial Rotation
  • Axial Extension: Where to Stick the Yoga Stick
  • Symmetry vs. Balance: Scoliosis, Kyphosis, Lordosis, Osteoporosis
  • The Iliospoas Complex: The Psoas as a Sensory Organ
  • The Central and Autonomic Nervous System: Theory and Practice


Trimester #2 Preview: Sthira & Sukha of the Spine (6:06)



Trimester #3: The Articular Body

  • A Brief History of the Limbs: Evolution and Development of the Extremities
  • BOS - COG - ROM: Balance, Equilibrium, Center of Gravity
  • The Yoga of the Foot: Foundations of the Foundation, Standing
  • Human Gait: The Yoga of Walking
  • Yoga and the Knee: Sthira and Sukha in the Body's Largest Joint
  • The Articulate Pelvis: The Hip Joint and Pelvic Articulations
  • The Shoulder Girdle: Articulations, Relations, Actions
  • The Warrior Series: A Hands-Free Practice
  • Arm Support Strategies: Chaturanga, Down Dog
  • Headstand, Handstand: Vinyasa Krama in the Theory and Practice of Inversions


Trimester #3 Preview: The Lotus Dilemma (05:17)


Plus 6 Surprise Bonus Classes!


1000s Of Yoga Practitioners Are Investing In Their Students & Practices – While Earning Continuing Education Credits – Easily Online

"I Have New Confidence + My Students Love This Approach" 
Mei-Ling Chow-Mintenko

Yoga Teacher, Canada

"The course was extremely valuable. From the very first lesson, I felt like I had learned much more than I had anticipated I would from each individual lesson.

The entire course was well sequenced while taking complex ideas and teaching them in a way that is clear, comprehensive and practical. It takes subjects that can be daunting and overwhelming and made them relatable.

The structure and homework guidelines really kept me on track so that I could stay committed. The bonus material is such added value as well, so thank you for including it!

My experience was amazing. One thing that I really appreciated as a online student was hearing back from Lydia after submitting my homework. I loved her feedback and looked forward to hearing back from her after each submission and it made me feel more connected as a virtual student!

This experience has added so much value and depth to my skills as a teacher and in my own practice. I currently teach on a part time basis so I liked how I was able to take fresh ideas from each lesson and actually play with teaching them in my classes.

I have noticed a new confidence in myself and have received great feedback from students as I continue to use my new knowledge that I have gained from this course. It has also really helped refine who I am a teacher and clarified which direction I will go in my future studies. I struggled with committing to a training that would take me away from home or this online study and I have to say, this was the best choice that I could have made. I will highly recommend this course to others without a doubt!

As a full time stay at home mom and a part time yoga instructor, thank you so much for making a course like this with world renowned teachers, available to students across the globe! It has been incredible to be able to learn this caliber of information while my little guy is snug in his bed in the next room! I look forward to more studies with you in the near future."


"I Decided To Jump In & I'm So Glad I Did!"

Dianne Martell-Williams

Yoga Teacher, Arizona

"I found Leslie's Yoga Anatomy website early into my YTT and LOVED the content, the detail, how he presented seemingly complex information in a way I could instantly apply to my practice and teaching, and I longed to sign up for his on-line course.

I decided there is no time like the present. Doing this course on-line eliminates my long commute. And the best part? When Leslie says five amazing, profound things in a row and I cannot make note of it all fast enough I have the ability to click 'pause', go back, re-listen, and capture every word of his genius. Love that!"


"I Was Unsure About Studying Yoga Online, But Leslie Made It Fantastic"

Deb Miller

Yoga Teacher, Canada

"I love the fact that I could go about this at my own pace, which I did. And perhaps the best is that I have access to this whenever I want. I can go over the lessons plans whenever and wherever I want.

I was unsure about taking an online class but this was such a fantastic experience and great resource for me that I will not hesitate to take more courses in the future.

Thank you very much. Your dedication and honest love for the material you are teaching is much appreciated."


"After 44 Years, I Am Unstuck! Thank You!"

Nancy King Bernstein

Writer, editor, yoga teacher, Westchester, NY

"I want to start by telling my own breathing story: I signed up for this class after listening to Leslie’s story about how attending that workshop at Colgate all those years ago screwed up his breathing for six months. At one point he asked his listeners whether anyone had ever gotten stuck in the middle of a yawn, and then said he felt like that for six months.

This was a perfect description of how a stress-related breathing problem that I have had since at least as far back as sixth grade feels. Sometimes it’s short-lived, lasting for just a few minutes; sometimes it’s chronic, lasting for weeks on end. It feels exactly like being stuck in the middle of a yawn, unable to take in enough air at the top to feel that I can stop gasping for more breath.

A month or more ago, somewhere in the middle of listening to the last few weeks of Leslie’s first trimester’s videos, I made the connection between the material we were studying and my breathing issue. When I listened to the Week 10 video, all those pieces came together; and when I tried the practice, lo and behold I had (and was able to duplicate repeatedly) the same experience.

I don’t know how to explain it — I’m just glad, after 44 years of struggling for breath when I’m stressed, that I now know how to access it reliably. Thank you, Leslie!"


"This course is the next step"

Nora Oldwin

Yoga Teacher, CA

"I just wanted to thank you for putting this together. This is EXACTLY what I am looking for, explained EXACTLY in terms I understand, I am very very grateful and excited! WHOO HOO!!!

After my two-hundred hour training, all of us, I think we were about fifteen, turned to each other and said: "NOW, we're ready to START learning!" This course is the right next step, and I really appreciate the Yiddishisms as well. Feels like I'm at home. Wow."


"The Learning Was Effortless & The Inspiration Was Rich"

Rebecca Porteous

Yoga Teacher, Egypt

"This course surpassed all my expectations. It became my weekly date with logical thinking, common sense, compassion, new ways of looking at old stuff, humour, and above all profound inspiration. I felt renewed hope and energy after every single class.

I feel so profoundly lucky to have found Leslie as a teacher. I thought I was already coming from the place of individualized teaching, empowering my students rather than telling them what to do, of exploring through asana and breath, of breaking rules that didn't make sense to me...

Leslie takes this so much further, basing it in his rock solid foundation in and exploration of anatomy, his years of bodywork experience; and he teaches it so simply and eloquently and with such generosity that I was able to accept the challenges to my received thinking and my comfort zone with minimal resistance.

Whatever I learned of anatomical terminology felt effortless. I loved how the principles of yoga were brought in to the study of anatomy again and again and again, so that some of the basic teachings of yoga became self-evident, and articles of fact, rather than articles of faith.

It has all deepened to a completely new level, both my teaching and personal practice. There is a freshness in my work that had been missing for a long time, and a freedom that was never there. I feel that I'm coming from a place of curiosity, that I'm exploring stuff with myself and my students and don't have a fixed sense of how things should or might turn out - which makes it more interesting for all of us. I also have much more confidence because my work feels based on more solid ground."


"Anatomy With Leslie Is Anything But Boring"

Sadie Nardini

Founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga

"Quite simply put, Leslie’s a true yogi-genius, and a pioneer in his field. He gets right down to the core concepts you absolutely must know to be a truly effective teacher or student of mind/body movement.

Leslie couples his immense knowledge with a refreshing ability to translate complex information into real-world terms and give us instantly applicable tools that make the world of anatomy, yoga and breath something we can deeply experience and understand.

I count him as one of my most formative teachers, and each time I leave his classroom, my worldview (and body!) has been shifted in the most powerful ways."


"Best money I've ever spent"

Tamara Behar

Yoga Teacher, New York City

"I began your yoga anatomy course online this past winter and just wanted to express my gratitude to you. Every week, I continually get blown away by the information you provide and the inquiry that is created!

I get a lot of "aha" moments, and all of it has inspired my teaching a great deal. I particularly love that you bring everything back to sthira sukha asanam as it has always been one of my favorite sutras; now it just has a much deeper meaning for me. My brain is getting so much exercise!

Anyway, I just want to thank you as it's the best money I've ever spent. I will be in class for the spring trimester and I look forward to meeting you."


"It's the best online course I've taken"

Jennie Wilson

Yoga Teacher, New York

"I have only great things to say. I've taken a lot of online courses for college and I have to say that Leslie's surpasses them in all areas. The handouts, the video, the audio and the transcription ensures that all the online students have multiple venues for getting the coursework based on their personal preference.

It's amazing."


"He's THE Breathing Guru"

Beverley Foster Murphy

Owner, MindBody Online

"Leslie Kaminoff was one of my most influential teachers. His intellect and vast understanding of yoga are truly inspiring. He is THE guru of breathing — opening your eyes to this profound aspect of yoga. A must for all serious yoga teachers — I encourage all my teachers to take his course!"


"This course will change your practice for the better"

Mary McGovern

Yoga Teacher, France

"I think the most important thing that the course has done is that is has opened me up to new possibilities in my yoga journey, as a practitioner and as a teacher. The course has provoked deep questions in me, about why I practice and teach, and I'm excited about where the questions will lead me.

And of course, I learned a LOT about the anatomy of yoga - which is extremely helpful to me personally and professionally. It has changed my body, my practice, and the way I teach - in very positive ways.

I enjoyed the content, the way it was organized, and the way it was taught. I liked the informal and relaxed atmosphere of the classes, and the way the online students were included. I also love the opening chant, it is very inspiring and sets a nice tone.

The quality of the content and professionalism, while at the same time giving a feeling of a down-to-earth, open-minded community really resonated with me. I loved how Leslie was always open to learn from his students, to hear another perspective, to listen to others' experiences.

I thought that the online course was very professionally presented, with great technical quality. I think the entire organization was amazing and seamless."


"He demystifies anatomy & makes it accessible"

Suzanne Ausnit

Yoga Teacher, New Jersey

"If you’re a yoga teacher—and even if you’re not—Leslie Kaminoff’s class will fundamentally change the way you teach and/or practice yoga. It did for me.

Leslie is wonderful at demystifying complex subjects and making them readily accessible—both on an intellectual academic level and on a tangible experiential level.

What’s more, he’s refreshingly non-pretentious and always willing to go the extra mile to make sure everyone’s on the same page."

You'll See Benefits From The YogaAnatomy.net Principles Course For Years To Come:

  • 9 months of intensive training in all aspects of yoga anatomy, practice, & breathing. (A $2,400 value)
  • Streaming and downloadable video files of each class. (A $1,440 value)
  • Streaming and downloadable audio files of each class. (A $1,350 value)
  • Full text transcriptions of every class (English.) (A $720 value)
  • PDFs of class outline / notes. (A $650 value)
  • Weekly PDF downloads with course visuals. (A $360 value)
  • Video Q&A with Leslie and the international online community. (Private sessions with Leslie start at $140/hr, so personal access on an ongoing basis is worth $1000s...)
  • Direct access to a members-only interactive site where Leslie will answer your questions personally. (Access never expires - worth $1000s over time...)
  • Homework to take you deeper into the material, and personal dialogue about your discoveries. (A $900 value)
  • Access to like-minded Yogis around the world, and their learnings and experience with the course. (Have a yoga bestie in every city you visit...)
  • Continuing education credits applicable to Yoga Alliance standards (details at bottom.) (A $550 value)
  • Certificate of Completion from the course, exactly as if you had been sitting in the NYC studio (upon completion of all homework.) (Invaluable for future employers and prospective students...)
  • PLUS! Your access never expires. Each and every time we update the course, you benefit. Need to sharpen your skills? Sign in and watch any video you’d like! (This is an ongoing value of $1000s…)
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Worried you'll be dropped into the abyss of the internet? We'll be here for you whenever you have a question...


Is there a timeline for the course?

There is no fixed timeline or deadline for the course. You can sign up whenever you want, watch the classes as it works for your schedule, ask Leslie questions and get answers on your own time, and finish the homework whenever it fits in your schedule.

We wanted this course to be as flexible as possible because we have so many students enrolled from all over the world, and there's really not a one-size-fits-all structure.


How much homework is there? What kind of weekly time commitment am I looking at?

As discussed above, you can go through the course at your own pace. If you'd like to finish the course in the 9-month timeframe that Leslie uses to plan the curriculum, here's what it would look like:

  • One 2-hour video class per week,
  • plus optional homework, consisting mostly of review questions and additional activities to help enhance the learning experience. Most of our graduates say the homework took them 30-60 minutes per week.

The classes are structured in three 12-week trimesters for a total of 36 weeks, and there is a short break between each trimester (like a holiday break and spring break.)


What do I need to get started?

Just a computer and a reliable internet connection. And not to worry, you don't need to be a computer whiz.

You'll be either streaming or downloading 2-hour video files, so we've found it to be most efficient if you have access to a solid high-bandwidth connection.

You can still take the course if you don't have that, but it may mean overnight downloads, or going someplace with a faster connection to download, then watching later at home.

We can help you figure out the best scenario for you on a case by case basis. We currently have students in 44 different countries around the world, and so far we've found a solution for everyone.


Sometimes things get "lost in translation" on the internet. How do you guys handle that?

We agree! That's why we've made the interface as personal as possible, and we're adding a new feature for this round of the course.

Leslie is now offering Video Q&A so he can give his online students the same level of demonstration-based feedback that you'd receive if you were in the room. 

AND, he offers live zoom mentoring to students, so you can interact with him in real-time from anywhere in the world, or catch up on the video replays.

    Having Leslie as your mentor makes all the difference


Why the Principles course versus another online option? In a word... Leslie. When you enroll in the Principles course, you have the benefit of his candor and experience at your fingertips, so you can ask the questions that are really important.

The questions you actually need a skilled mentor for, like...

"Help! I'm having an identity crisis as a yoga teacher..."

(Sometimes these conversations are wide-ranging. This one starts with a different topic, then meanders. We think the whole thing is amazing and worth watching.)


    The questions that you can never get a straight answer to, like...


"Where did _____ cue come from?

The best answer I can ever get is 'that's what my teacher told me.' I'm all for respecting history... but I really want to know what rules I can break and which I should really maintain. HELP!"

(It helps to have someone advising you with some perspective.)


    Things you should actually worry about, like...


The cue that Leslie has seen cause more injury to more students over his entire career as a yoga educator.

(Interested in what to say instead? You'll learn it in this course.)


    Things you shouldn't worry about, like...


Advice we're told to *always* follow when working with older populations.

(And what to focus on instead.)


Still not sure if Leslie Kaminoff’s Yoga Anatomy Course is right for you? Meet Catherine...


Here's a note we received from Catherine Townley, a yoga teacher in Alberta, Canada, when she finished the online course. Catherine balanced being a busy yoga teacher and mother while completing this course...

Catherine Townley

Yoga Teacher, Canada

I'd like to share my favorite parts of the course as a list, for easy reading. This isn't hierarchical...

  • I appreciated the clarity and levity of Leslie's teaching.
  • The fabulous analogies and metaphors that really helped me to understand more complex (and even some simple) concepts.
  • The applied way in which the essence of each teleclass was delivered.
  • The three trimesters made sense. The entire course actually felt like a human gestation period as the syllabus grew and evolved to a logical conclusion.
  • The pace was great - even with the ability to FF and Rewind, the delivery was paced well.
  • The students present for the live classes were insightful and provided their thoughts and bodies in a very meaningful way.
  • The use of slides, embedded videos and Leslie's gadgets (the water balloon and accordion) absolutely brought alive the imagery for the conceptual approach to the breath as related to shape and volume change.
  • I loved the 3 Om's, chanted individually, and the opening invocation became so dear to me, being new to this tradition. A lovely way to begin a class or practice.
  • I was impressed with the smooth technical management of all aspects of the program. It was efficient and organized.
  • Leslie's acceptance of the individual - function over form. Brilliant and welcoming.

My experience with this course has affected my teaching and practice hugely! Where to begin...?

  • My understanding of the application and experimentation with the breath has profoundly assisted my approach to my students. And they in turn have been gracious enough to furnish me with feedback to this effect.
  • I've learned the difference between 'hanging into the joints and connective tissue' vs actively working the muscles. The Warrior Series brought this home.
  • I've happily accepted that I can only do my best to cater to everyone's needs and allow them to be their best version of the pose.
  • My technique has always been gentle and compassionate but I've noticed that I've shifted away from cueing as I once used to - it's become more effective.
  • I've introduced what I've learned in this class to help the students to really listen to their bodies.
  • I've enjoyed this course more than any other I've taken - I mean that. It's been an absolute joy and I've relished watching the classes, working on the assignments, and my personal interactions with Leslie.

I always remember something after the event but will send this off now with much gratitude. I feel very privileged to have been able to complete the course and will look forward to continuing my studies with you. I'd like to think I'm a better teacher, but will always be a perpetual student.



The best teachers are lifelong students


Enroll today, and finally allow yourself to develop your skills under the guidance of a respected expert in the field.


"When we resist the change that's inevitable, we miss the change that's possible." – Leslie Kaminoff, Principles Course


Students of Leslie Kaminoff's training have unanimously found this course worth the investment - for over 30 years.

As an online student, you're receiving the same level of knowledge, interaction, and expertise - with the added benefit of learning on your own schedule, as well as the ability to revisit the course as much as you want, at any time, without limitation.


Join Us Today And Receive Immediate Access To Digital Versions of:

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  • Certificate of Completion
  • Video Q&A with Leslie
  • NEW: Live zoom mentoring with Leslie and your colleagues from around the world



  • Surprise interviews, extras, and clinics, in addition to the content in the syllabus. We love surprising our students with new, meaningful content.
  • Access never expires + FREE Upgrades every time we update the course. An ongoing value of $1000s…

AND... You don't have to relocate to NYC for 9 months, which alone will save you $30,000 minimum, not to mention lost wages, family commitments, current rent/mortgage payments, and responsibilities at home.


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PPS: Write off the price of this course! Yes, it qualifies as professional training for yoga instructors, yoga therapists, pilates teachers, dance teachers, professional dancers and other movement professionals. Meet your hourly training requirements with Leslie - and deduct the fees when you do your taxes...


Pay Once and Save! It’s Just $1,997 USD to Get Instant, Unlimited Continuing Access

Save $385 versus paying by installments. Take the money you save and invest it in further growth and development.

Choose to pay in 1 installment of $1,997 USD

If cashflow's a concern:

Monthly payments make it easy to fit this course into your continuing education budget.

Choose to pay in 6 monthly installments of $397 USD

If you have any issues signing up, please contact [email protected], and we'd be happy to assist you.

This course qualifies as professional training for yoga instructors, yoga therapists, pilates teachers, dance teachers, professional dancers, and other movement professionals.

This course counts as non-contact Continuing Education credits with the Yoga Alliance. The Yoga Alliance requires at least 30 hours of CEU credits every three years to maintain registration, 20 of which may be non-contact CEUs.

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